Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Who is the biggest six hitter in cricket history?

Biggest Six Hitter In History 

Cricket has seen many entertainers and some massive hitters. There is a long list of big hitters, however a select few stand out for the shots they have played. Big hitters not only hit sixes regularly, but the biggest have consistently cleared stadiums and hit balls up to fifty rows back way past the boundary.

The biggest hitters in history can be identified from the current and past era of players. Bigger bats and amazing six hitting practice has lead to the biggest hitters officially coming from the current era.

I would say three players come to mind. One being Shahid Afridi himself who has hit some enormous balls, sometimes longer than 140 meters. However Kieran Pollard comes to the list also, with Chris Gayle. Gayle especially has hit balls consistently close to 150 meters. If he middles it, it is usually 30-40 meters well past the boundary. Pollard also hit some monsters when he was in good form several years ago, however he’s currently out of touch.

It’s a hard argument to narrow the choice between Afridi or Gayle. One would have to probably lean towards Gayle. But Afridi has hit more monster sixes from both sides of the wicket, so he probably is the winner in my opinion.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Video of Shahid Afridi’s Biggest Sixes. Against Australia and South Africa

Afridi has hit some massive sixes, some commentators have gone as far to say he’s the biggest hitter that’s ever played the game. I agree with that argument. Afridi’s six off Andrew Symonds against Australia at the WACA went close to 140 meters and if the stand wasn’t there it would have gone even further. The 2nd biggest six Afridi hit was in South Africa during a blistering innings of his two years ago. That six in South Africa went close to 140 meters, however others feel it went over 150 meters. Despite Gayle and others also hitting some massive sixes, the biggest sixes from Afridi are thought to be the longest in cricket history.

Who is Afridi’s Wife? Nadia Afridi

Shahid Afridi's wife is called Nadia Afridi. They have several kids together and are very loyal to eachother. Despite vicious romours in the media this year, the couple have been married for several years. Afridi does a lot of charity work and he's a fantastic ambassador for cricket and his country. 

What is Shahid Afridi’s Weight?

Shahid Afridi played cricket at the weight of 72 KG’s. Being 5 foot 11 inches, that is a very athletic weight. Afridi had minimal body fat during his peak years, however towards the end of his career his playing weight was close to 80 kg’s. Afridi was light because he had big responsibilities in the field, when bowling and when batting for Pakistan. Being involved in all skills of the game as an all rounder was a big factor as to why Afridi was always in such good condition.

How Tall Is Shahid Afridi? 5 Feet 11 Inches

Shahid Afridi is 5 foot 11 inches tall.  Afridi is not a big person in terms of physical stature which makes his ability to hit a very long cricket ball even more remarkable. Afridi was known from a young age to be able to hit the ball a very long way. He has an amazing eye and despite being muscular, his small height is a big difference to the massive height of Chris Gayle. That just shows how special Afridi is to be able to hit the ball as far as he can. 

What is Shahid Afridi Worth?

The Pakistan cricket players are known to be paid well beyond that of rivals such as Australian, English or Indian players. Shahid Afridi is in a totally different position however. Afridi is a multi millionaire 30 times over. This was due to several factors. 

Afridi has star appeal in Pakistan. He features on a large number of pepsi commercials. Outside of Pakistan, Afridi is also a huge name. Afridi has a unique number of fans who follow his bouts across the world.

Afridi currently:

- Earns millions per annum across various 20 20 star leagues. Afridi is always one of the highest paid players in each countries leagues. He has played in huge leagues such as the Big Bash League. Carribean premier league and BPL. 

- Afridi is also paid millions per annum by various major companies including pepsi. If you are in Pakistan for a holiday you will notice Afridi's face is on a lot of promotional material across the country. 

Shahid Afridi Financial Net Worth 2015 & 2016

Shahid Afridi has a financial net worth estimated to be between $30 & $50 M US. Afridi is a hugely popular figure across Pakistan and the cricketing world where he has a loyal unique number of fans in multiple continents. 

Information on Afridi:

- He has been the highest paid player consistently across various T20 tournaments.
- His endorsement deals are massive across the globe. 

- Afridi has several business ventures which he earns extra revenue from. 

Afridi also does extensive charity work, for which he has received positive feedback from across the globe.